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      About Us

      “We are the first certified organic textile company of Türkiye”

      We are the leading company in Türkiye?who has own projects in organic cotton and who sells organic cotton as fibre, yarns, both knitted and woven fabrics, and garments.

      Our organic cotton being grown around Izmir region in Western Türkiye?is one of the best quality cotton in the world.

      We have contracted farmers for organic agriculture, following all processes through fiber, yarn, fabric and manufacturing of finished garments for many well known brands around the world.

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      Our Products

      Our 100% Organic Products


      CSR Day

      Dear partners and friends, We are pleased to invite you to our seminar “The needs of sustainable supply chains: Exploring solutions...


      1.Introduction We are the leading company in Turkey?who has own projects in organic cotton and sells organic cotton as fiber, yarns...


      We care about our planet and support the “Sustainable Development Goals”


      Blog, Events & News

      2019 Première Vision Paris – September

      We have exciting news for you!! Egedeniz Textile is participating in Première Vision Paris again as a manufacturer. Première Vision offers...


      Dear partners and friends, We are excited to announce that all cartons we use in Egedeniz are now FSC certified. This...

      GOTS Regional Seminar Türkiye 2019

      Through focused and challenging discussions, this one-day seminar shall address pressing issues relevant to the organic textiles industry. It shall equip...

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